three tree house

Ahmedabad, Gujarat    2011 - 2014

This structure adds a new lounge and service structure to an existing estate by transforming the space behind the main house into an active street that engages both structures, formed by a series of waterbodies moving along a glass facade and to end in a bridge lightly connecting existing to new. All activities from both structures now open out into the street between them, carrying the residents outside into the trees. 

Placed in an already densely grown grove, the new lounge sits as a pavilion among trees.. The lifted plane of the roof recreates ground at the level of the leaves, and from it is suspended a balcony that overlooks the pool.

The composite structure uses steel to create the frame of the lounge and merges it with the concrete and brick of the service area by embedding the members in walls while allowing the steel to emerge when the space opens into the water and trees.