Sabarmati Corners

Ahmedabad, Gujarat    2015

Conceived as a place between the individual plots of the city and the riverside road, the project reacts to the specific condition of each location in terms of its architectural presence on the river edge as well as the function it serves, may it be a house, a public institution, an open plot or a fort wall.

The project responds to the presence of the Mughal Era palace built by Shah Jahan, currently functioning as Sardar Patel Smarak, in similar powerful approach by offering pavilions and platforms with trees and open spaces. Adult swings and children swings sit with the backdrop of existing greenery. Multipurpose platform outside Gayatri Shakti Peeth offer space for yoga and meditation. Outdoor gym, volleyball court, badminton court works for the physical and mental health for its users along with many different locations to just sit and hangout under the tree.