Ahmedabad, Gujarat  |  2022

This four-bedroom courtyard house for a family of three sits in the outskirts of Ahmedabad. The brief was to design a thermally comfortable, minimal home with clean movement and flexibility in the spaces while acknowledging the existing trees on site. The aim was to achieve a delicate balance in the spatial arrangement and materials used in the project. 

The plan is oriented toward the entrance on the north, with common space on the central axis. Bathrooms kept in the four corners insulate the interior. No rooms are directly exposed to exterior light; green strips bring indirect daylight deep into the square plan.

The house is strategized as a pavilion; a floating structure with an exposed flat slab. The walls, finished in lime plaster, reach up but don’t quite touch the slab, a thin wedge of translucent marble closes the gap and reinforces the separation of structure and enclosure. Kadappa stone runs seamlessly throughout the floor, offset by colourful furniture, refurbished on site.