ahmedabad slum atlas

The Ahmedabad Slum Atlas has come out of a city wide study that documents the existing conditions of homes in Ahmedabad slums, from construction type to water and sewerage connections, toilet accessibility, and detailed demographic information at household leves, all linked to a dynamic GIS map that can be updated as information changes. The intent of this atlas is to facilitate programs that can improve the lives of people who live in the slums, by mapping critical information about the slums. The physical atlas is a window into the information catalogued in the the system, which brings together critical information and qualitative photos of the actual locations of these settlements, to bring together the data about, and character of, a dynamic place in the city. We worked with a team comprised of CEPT University researchers, the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation, Mahila Housing Trust, and the RAY Project Surveying team. Our role was to visualize the information collected, and design the document.