sri sri dham 'art of living' campus

himmatnagar-shamlaji highway, gujarat   2004
in collaboration with shivang patwa

Nature celebrates in its five elements........and so do all beings with their rituals of life. Sunrise to Sunset and to Sunrise again, the cycle keeps on making new beginnings. This new beginning rises from the ground to greet the sky. The sky here is the skyline and the earth its landscape. This project is dawn of further celebration of this event called life. It takes from nature and it gives it back. With non-conventional energy resources to use and intelligent designing to create these voids for function as its core concepts, it draws inspiration from a great Indian tradition of architecture and modern science of architectural understandings. Situated at the forefront of a wooded hill on the sloping terrain, this campus celebrates the sunrise everyday with all its spaces oriented toward east where the horizon goes down further below the eye level to the endless limits. The buildings are simple and borrowed from nature, aiming to age beautifully. It respects the earth and sky with egoless mutual presence, creating the timeless dialogue of constructed and natural. The simple language of the buildings and their repetition make them absent, and lets one be with oneself.